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    Mcafee uninstalled itself




      I purchased a new computer and downloaded Mcafee from my service provider, as the first job for my new computer. Straight away I have problems with it. I asked the program to check for up-dates and it wouldn't. So I eventally uninstalled and reinstalled. Which seemed to cure the problem. Today when I started my computer up I noticed that Mcafee had totally disappeared. I have had to reinstall it again. Whe I ran a quick scan it shutdown. I restarted the computer and ran a quick scan again and it worked. Nothing detected. But again it will not check check for updates. I have run the technical assistant and the results are as follows:

      security centre 12.8.856

      3 missing files

      3 missing corrupt COM components



      missing files 4


      which the technicial assistant says it can't fix.


      The laptop now seems to have reverted back to windows defender. Tried to contact McAfee via phone without success. For a laptop that I have only had for three days I am somwhat puzzled and frustrated. Any advice would be appreciated.