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    Annoying McAfee Pop-Ups


      Within the last week and a half I've had a number of huge, ugly pop-ups from McAfee telling me to scan my computer (it's clean) and to renew my subscribtion (it ran out a year and a half ago and I've had no problems until now). I don't have the funds to renew my sub anytime soon and frankly I don't have any reason to. They show up every two or three hours in three or four different varieties, take up a quarter of my screen, and are probably the least visually pleasing pop-ups I've ever seen in my life. They are intrusive, and because they come in groups it can be ten minutes before all of them have cycled and they leave for another hour. This doesn't make me want to renew my subscribtion, this makes me want to uninstall McAfee and purchase from someone else.


      Is there a way to block or turn them off?


      Below are screenshots of two of the popups.