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    Real-Time Scan blocks MS Access database file locks

      We use a program called ChurchHelpmate which is built in a Microsoft Access database.

      We are running on a peer-to-peer network of Win XP and Win 7 computers with McAfee Antivirus Plus installed.


      Recently, we started getting error messages during the startup of the ChurchHelpmate program.

      The error messages indicated that MS Access was unable to get a file lock on one or more of its datafiles.


      Following an extensive investigation with the assistance of the ChurchHelpmate support staff, we discovered the cause of error messages.

      1) If we turn off Real-Time Scanning in McAfee Antivirus or change the settings to scan "Programs and Documents only", the error messages go away.

      2) If Real_Time Scanning is turned on with the setting scan "All files (recommended)", the error messages occur.


      It would appear that the Real-Time Scanning is locking datafiles during its processing which is blocking MS Access access to the datafiles.


      Is there an alternative to disabling a portion of the McAfee Antivirus program?


      Note: this problem has only arisen recently. The installation has been error-free for the last 2 years.