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    Cyberscope errors


      We are producing the cyberscope reports using the Custom reports and then selecting Cyberscope. We were told by support that this is the prefered method instad of using the MVM Cybersope Feed Generator.

      When the client uploads the report to Cyberscop, he is getting this error.




      We are running MVM 7.5.4 on a MVM3100.


      Has anyone seen this type of error with Cyberscope?

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          I have seen errors returned by the DHS CyberScope upload site when there were enclave name mismatches. Check the XML file that was outputted and see if the "names" are correct or not. If not, it is best to check the MVM custom report setup that is being used as well as check to see if the enclave has been renamed or otherwise modified name-wise in the CyberScope DHS site. Also if you are uploading the file to the staging site, it might be that the enclave was never fully created there and only resides on the production site.


          I have also seen similar errors to the CVE error in files created by BigFix. We would go into the XML file and manually modify the file if a re-run of the file would not successfully upload. For some reason the file repeated a cpe type and when we attempted to upload, the CyberScope site would bark with a line number to look at.



          <ai:CPE>cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2008:r2:sp1cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_serv er_2008:r2:sp1</ai:CPE>




          So look at the line number and if there is screwiness, it is best to talk to McAfee support.  Good luck.