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    Email encrypted attachments


      Hi !


      I would like to know why when i drag and drop an encrypted attachment into send mail window in outlook it decrypt the attachment .... can anybody tell me the reason of doing that  or it is a configuration parameter that i miss ?


      thanks in advance !

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          Is it encrypted via an organizational key you input into DLP?   Such as EEEF, Adobe RM, etc?    That is the only way it should be decrypting it, is if the decryption key is provided for that purpose, if I understand your case correctly.

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            Hi Keithdrone !


            Im using EEFF to encrypt the file in my desktop and it does indeed , but when i open a send window from outlook to construct a new mail ,when i drag and drop the encrypted file it finally be attached unencrypted.... As far i know there is also another option given by EEFF of sending encrypted attachments by right clicking to the certain file,  but what if somenone wants to drug and drop the encrypted attachment ? In such a case im asking if there are some other configurations that i miss to avoid this situation, or is it another reason of doing that..

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              Because dropping a file onto outlook is the same as opening it in another application - you are not copying or moving the file, you are opening it.


              You can make outlook.exe a bypass app in the policy, then outlook will never decrypt anything.