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    Which "server roles" should be selected for Server 2008 R2, which will run MVM?


      I am setting up the Vulnerability manager (for the second time**), running server 2008 R2 as the OS.

      **I had problems the first time setting things up so I reformatted the HDD and just started over. There had been 1 "FAIL" during MVM7.5 setup for sql that I could never get passed).

      I only setup servers occasionally and with server 2008 R2 (perhaps other versions as well) there are several choices/options for server  "ROLES".


      I am installing the server 2008 R2 OS with the vulnerability manager "Traveling license", on a new i7 laptop.

      It will be used for conducting audits and  scheduled vulnerability scanning audits in remote areas. Which is why it will have the "traveling license".


      I am not sure exactly which server "ROLE(S)" to chose for this new server setup?


      There are choices such as:


      - Application server


      - File server


      - Web server


      - DHCP server


      - DNS server


      - HYPER-V server


      - Active Directory certificate server


      - Active Directory domain server


      - Active Directory Federation server


      - Active Directory Lightweight directory server


      - Active Directory Rights mgmt server


      Maybe I missed something in the knowledge base but I did not notice anything that covered which server roles to choose.


      Thanks in advance.


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