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    Deploying Endpoint 2.0 and Agent 4.8 to Mac


      Have maybe a not so odd situation.  Recently took over the role of the ePO admin in an organization with a mixed platform network.  My expertise has always been on the PC side, so deploying agents and VSE to homogenize the enterprise to a standard has been challenging yet manageable.  But the OSx Macs have been a problem.  I have them all secluded in their own folder in the tree, have tasks set up to install the Agent and Endpoint 2.0 with the Run Immediately option...  But only have seem 10 or 15 of the 500 or so Macs accept the new versions.  Also is it normal for Macs to be reasonably secretive?  I can query the machines and see them online but cannot get any information for the life of me within ePO.  Dealing with OSx is pretty new to me, I haven't dealt with any Mac since System 6 in my 30 years of IT so be gentle.