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    Family Protection not working at all




      I'm a new user and installed both All Access - Total Protection and Family Protection on our home PCs. I've blocked websites and content on my son's laptop, but he has no problem accessing what I've blocked. I've limited his online time to 2 hours and he's been on for over 6 hours straight on a school night. He has no problem working during hours that show as RED in his schedule. I've asked for daily email reports and get nothing. I know he's going around the family protection by checking the history on his PC. Basically, the program isn't working. How do I get this product to work properly?

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          Unsure as I have not installed it as my kids have flown the coop. That said best to chat or better still call support the details are in useful links tab above. Ask them it maybe as he is on an admin account not a limited user account but support will be able to assist you.


          If not ask for an escalation call back and if still an issue post back and I will ping a tech to personally call you.


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            That's a great idea, if you can get support to call back before hanging up the line. My next call should probably be the BBB to report fraud. This has been the most frustrating experience.

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              Pinged a high level tech to contact you. Sorry you got disconnected.

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                Sorry that your call got disconnected. Below are some tips on McAfee Family protection. Check this and revert back if you are successful


                > McAfee Family Protection has an Admin password which is used to configure settings for other users. You should be the only person knowing this password.


                > Login to your son's machine with this Admin password (do not disclose) and re configure the settings such as site block, time limits etc.


                > Save the settings and logout as Administrator. Now ask your son to login to MFP he'll have restricted access.


                > Make sure you change the Admin password frequently (imagine if your son already knew the admin password)


                > Create a new Windows Standard User for your son in his laptop to enhance protection.



                Revert back if you have clarifications...!