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    EEPC status Inactive - Waiting for Optin Users.  How do I diagnose and complete?


      I am trying to test the EEPC functionality in order to roll it out.  I built 2 identical PCs from the same image.  Deployed GO, the EEPC Agent, EEPC client as well as EEFF.  Logged in to both as the same user and let the magic happen.


      System #1 worked perfectly.  Asked to reboot a few times (once for EEPC, once for EEFF) and I see the EE:ALDU tag was applied.  It is encrypted with my custom preboot screen and it sync'ed my AD password.  Huzzah!


      System #2 is still stuck at System State=Inactive.  In the MfeEpe.log I see the following:


      2013-10-16 20:31:13,255 INFO    EpoPlugin                            collectProperties: dispatching disk list to AgentHandler

      2013-10-16 20:31:42,770 INFO    EpoPlugin                            enforcePolicy: new policy store created (session 1381953272).

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,066 INFO    EpoPlugin                            enforcePolicy: Waiting for OptIn users (i.e. non-default UBP users) before enforcing policy.

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,066 INFO    EpoState                             == Start of policy enforcement ==

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,066 INFO    StatusService                        Policy enforcement has started

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,066 INFO    EpoPlugin                            enforceUserPolicy: Dispatching enforce policy event.

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,066 INFO    EpoPlugin                            policyHandler: handling EnforcePolicy event

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,082 ERROR   EpoPlugin                            policyHandler: activation aborted due to failed health checks.

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,082 INFO    StatusService                        Policy enforcement has completed

      2013-10-16 20:31:43,082 INFO    EpoState                             == End of policy enforcement ==


      on #2 I do not see the EE:ALDU tag.  When checking the users assigned to this PC I did not see any  (in Menu, Data Protection, Encryption users)... so I added one and made it look like system #1's entry.  This did not have any effect.


      I also see that GO is not a product installed on system #2. They are both subnect to the same client tasks.  Attached are basic screen grabs of the tasks.


      Any direction for what I should do to complete the process on this system would be appreciated.  Ideas why GO did not deploy?  Is that the missing piece? 


      Thanks much