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    Thunderbird 24.0.1 and McAfee Security Center Very Slow




      I am on Windows 7 Ultimate (fresh format and install this past week).   Thunderbird 24.0.1 and McAfee Security Center v 12.8 are not working together. 


      It takes 30 seconds to a minute to load an e-mail and is painfully slow.  I have researched answers and see that the issue were present with Thunderbird 17 but nothing recent has been published and nothing with v24.0.1.  I have set up new inbox, compacted and archived every folder and only have about 10 e-mails in my inbox so things should be very quick.


      McAfee Security Center v.12.8 is using the following:

      Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware v.16.8

      Personal Firewall v.13.8

      Site Advisor v.3.6

      Anti-Spam v.13.8

      Parental Controls v.14.8

      Quickclean and Shredder v.13.8

      Vulnerability Scanner v.2.8


      When I go into Real time scanning and uncheck the e-mail attachments options everything goes back to normal and works fine again.


      This option works however I am concerned that incoming e-mails will no longer be scanned, which is why we have anti-virus to begin with. 


      I have been using Thunderbird and McAfee together for over 5 years with no issues until now.


      Any help would be appreciated 


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