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    McAfee claim McAfee Internet Security unsupported for Windows 8 Pro


      Bizarre story:


      I purchased a Sony Windows 8 Pro machien 2 months ago.  It came installed with trial version of McAfee Internet Security.  McAfee kept prompting me to purchase a full license and a few weeks ago I paid 39.99GBP to upgrade from trial to full license.


      Now look at bizarre covnersations with McAfee recenntly (case number 1229507607):


      1) I noticed that despite appearing to work with green check marks on McAfee application, I started getting constant warnjkng to restart machine after updates.  This happening many times a day.


      2) I downloaded mcAfee techniocian to fix problem.  It found some issues but nothing changed


      3) Everytime I try a manual update mcAfee seems to go through  (downloading updates, installing updates, restart machine) mode.  I can do this 20 times an hour.  it seems never to be updated.  Now I note this seems to be a common enough problem


      4) I called McAfee yesterday.  They say they cannot help me as McAfee Internet Secutiry is not supported for Windows 8 Pro.  they say it is my fault for installng mcAfee product.  I say but this was pre-installed by Sony, and I never sought McAfee out.  In fact it prompted me to purchase full upgrade and on application claims to be working correctly.  No progress with very strange and stubborn McAfee support ("It is not supported for Windows 8 pro - your fault!").  But McAfee refuse to send me an email or document acknowledgeing this.


      5) I called Sony today and complained.  Sony have just sent me an email saying that mcAfee Internet Security works with Windows 8 Pro and is supported by McAfee.


      Now my machine has started playing up which seems linked to McAfee.  In the past I have had all kinjds of issues with McAfee and for the life of me I cannot understand why Sony keeps including their software, but as well why mcAfee believe taking money from customers and wasting their time, opening their machines to security breaches, and causing hgue headaches is good business practise.


      Shame on you McAfee.

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          Peter M

          Windows 8 is fully supported.   However to change from a trial to a full version it's usually best to uninstall everything in the normal manner, Control Panel > Programs, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot, then go to your online account and install the new software from there.


          Meanwhile I will email a contact I have in support to try to find out why you were told that.

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            Case reference now 122 953 7168.


            McAfee again claiming Windows 8 Pro is not supported and they cannot do anything about it.  However, they refuse to answer why McAfee prompts you to purchase subscription on Windows 8 Pro machines.  They say that is no their problem.


            Sony have howeverr written to me that McAfee is known to work with Windows 8 Pro, and that is why they ship a pre-installed trial version.  Sony have now documented it - hours of hanging on phone with McAfee have achieved nothing.


            They simply refuse to answer a basic question: if Windows 8 Pro is not supported why does McAfee prompt for installation, take customer money, lead them to false sense of security, and appear to show a functining McAfee antivirus on their machines?


            This is a serious matter or Sony, the many Winows 8 Pro users and has legal implications - especially in the US where there there clear guidelines on mail order fraud.

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              Peter M

              I think they are confusing it with Windows 8 Enterprise, although that should be OK too.  Read for yourself HERE under System Requirements.


              I'm using Win 8.1 Pro w/MC and have McAfee installed just fine.    The older 11.x versions weren't compatible and I wonder if that's what they mean.


              If you follow the instructions I gave it should all be sorted out.

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                Thank you.


                I do have some fruther updates.  I have spent hours with McAfee on the phone again today.  Again the claim is that Windows 8 Pro is not supported.  They are not suggesting removal and reinstallation - in fact they are not suggesting any technical fixes....


                They are basically saying there are fixes because Windows 8 pro is unsupported.  Basically, this means that if I try your solution I would be going against their advice.


                I have now spoken to about 5 different McAfee staff in the last 2 days - wasting hours.  They seem clueless, or are trained to appear clueless....


                Their technical support claims it is not a technical matter, and Windows 8 Pro is not supported.  Their customer services support say it it is a technical matter but that Windows 8 Pro is not supported......


                Figure this out.


                They seem not to care that there is a serious ethical and legal issue at stake here.  They are proactively marketing their product on Windows 8 pro machines, rquesting users to purchase full subscription.  They accept payment and update software so it appears it is working.  However, they now state that it does not work properly as it is not supported.  Hence they will neither recommend a technical fix, nor explain why they are marketing the product so agressively.


                As things stand, this has serious legal implications.  The law looks down very poorly on companies and people who market a prodcut knowing fully well that it is unsuited and not what it says on the tin.  In addition, to accept money from consumers and to make them feel as if they actually have a working product is even poorer.


                No doubt, as I write this, some poor Windows 8 Pro users are payiong for the subcription.  McAfee is getting richer while the consumers are, by mcAfee's own description, buying a dud product.


                As per your recommended solutuion, while I appreciate the offer of help, shuold it not be the case that when McAcfee update/install the application it happens automatically.  Why should I not believe the appliction when it says it is upto date and I am protected.  The logical corrolary is that that the application cannot be trusted.


                And neither can McAfee.  My latest czase number is noq 122 953 7168.  I have now written to Sony, and I will escalate further.  McAfee need to be stopped from misleading product marketing, and dud products. 

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                  Peter M

                  Are you sure it's McAfee staff at THIS link and not BT?

                  I have already stated what to do, why are you still talking to them anyway, whoever they are? 


                  The only other reason I can think of is that the Win 8 is a trial version and not the final RTM version, now that wouldn't be supported.


                  There is no conspiracy - we have thousands of Windows 8 users happily using the software.




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                    Ex_Brit, I appreciate your offer of help.


                    Of course, I am speaking to McAfee (I took their number from their website).  They have even written me emails - ultimately meaningless.


                    The point I am making is (1) If I use your approach and something still goes wrong, McAfee will say I did somethign against their instruction and hence product remains unusupported (2) what use is a product if it does not work as it is supposed to, and where customer and technical support have your run around the bush.


                    It seems to me then, it is at best, use at your risk and if the product is bogus, and so are the services, then bad luck.


                    The other issue is ethical and legal - they have taken money for a product they directly marketed through popups on my machine.  They now claim they do not support it.  So they are taking monmey from poor users in simiar situiatuon to me.  If you were not around offering to help solve problems for users, then we as well write off our money, opportunity cost and security breaches. 


                    But I do not like this one bit - and do not intend to just leave it at this.  I feel cheated and I am not happy.  I want to stick up not just for myself but all those poor consumers at the mercy of companies like McAfee.


                    Perhaps I may have the influence and means to address this issue on behalf of other similarly affected consumers.  Would that not be a good thing?


                    I note, in passing,  the following on mail order fraud in the US "In 1988 Congress added section 1346, which states that the term "scheme to defraud" includes a scheme to deprive another of the intangible rights of honest services.


                    if McAfee have made an honest mistake, and perpetuated it for weeks, they need to show that they acknowledge and are prepared to rigth a wrong.


                    I do, however, really appreciate your offer of help.  But I wanted to point out the larger picture - plus as well tell you that the same link you added to show that Windows 8 Pro is supported has been used by mcAfee staff to show that only bare bones Windows 8 is supported and not Windows 8 Pro.

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                      Peter M

                      The phone number for the department you are supposed to be talking to, Technical Support, isn't published on the website until you've run the Virtual Technician and pressed several choices.    Which phone number were you talking to?


                      I've already said, they are wrong unless there is another factor that I don't know about - maybe the version you are trying to install isn't yet compatible, which could be the case if it's provided by your ISP or PC Maker for instance in whiuch case there isn't much McAfee can do as those entities control that.


                      I did ask my contact to look in here, how long that will take I don't know.

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                        Peter M

                        By the way if you wish you can obtain a refund from Customer Service.   Also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                          Thanks Ex-Brit,


                          I appreciate your help.


                          I can assure you i'm not speaking to other than McAfee.  I can assure you I went through the full procedure.


                          Note, I went through the full process on the application to get help.  I started off by downloading the McAfee  Technical Assistant app, which did mot fix the problem.  Then I went further diwnstream by clicking through the next steps.


                          In the next steps McAfee offers you to contact technical support either by a). Chat b) Email c) Phone. 


                          The Email option is greyed out and cannot be used.  The Chat option is available but pressing the button on a Windows 8 machine does nothing - may e you should try it huh? So I went for the phone option.


                          I have a number of case references.  So please rest assured I'm not some hapless illiterate calling the wrong numbers.


                          As for getting my money refunded, I am afraid that does not address the question of consequential losses of time and money, plus the issues of miselling.  These are serious issues.  I have escalated with Dony and I am waiting for my lawyer to revert to me on the matter. 


                          As for the technical fix, I would place my koney on you being correct.  The issue has been described in infinite detail on forums even for Windows 7 and esrlier versions, so it is most likely just that.  McAfee could have solved this issue with their software years ago.  Why should consumers have to find wirk arounds? What an awful piece of garbage software, and garbage customer service.


                          Surely, you see the point.

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