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    Mcafee Internet Security fails to open - just see a box which says "Navigation to the Webpage was Cancelled"


      New Lenovo all-in-on desktop running Windows 8 with pre-installed McAfee.


      The desktop  has a "McAfee Internet Security" icon which links to mcagent.exe - double click and a large white window appears which just reads "Navigation to the Webpage was Cancelled: what you can try - refresh the webpage" with no hyperlinks or buttons. The window then cannot be closed except with Alt-F4.


      McAfee seems to be running as in the processes list there are a number of McAfee instances. One keeps opening and closing which annoyingly deselects whichever window I am working in.


      Downloaded the McAfee diagnostic which says everything is fine; "do you still need technical help" took me here.


      1) Can I fix this icon? [Note reinstall probably not an option given it is bundled software].

      2) If not, Is there another way to open the McAfee control centre?

      3) If not, how can I kill McAfee to stop it launching a process every 20 seconds and interrupting me?