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    Upgrade Compatibility Tool Incorrectly Warns EEPC7 as incompatible


      We are currently running EPO version 4.5.6 (build 13767) and  EEPC and have a list of issues regarding machines failing to deploy and/or failing to encrypt.  Official advise is to upgrade to EPO Version 5.0.1 now that EEPC is once again supported (V7.0.2 - https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB76736&pmv=print) .


      Despite the documentation suggesting that it is possible to upgrade directly,  the new EEPC components  are not compatible with the older EPO and the new EPO is not compatible with the old EEPC agents so it seems we have to do a two step migration with 4.6.6 in the middle.


      By progressing this way,  we now have EPO 4.6.6 and the EEPC V7.0.2 agentsbut now when trying to upgrade the EPO,  the CompatibilityChecker tool warns as follows which contradicts the release notes;


      McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Product Compatibility Check

      These products are incompatible with ePO version 5.0; they must be removed or upgraded before ePO setup can continue:

      Endpoint Encryption (EEPC) - no known compatible version
      Endpoint Encryption Admin (EEADMIN) - no known compatible version


      ePO may be upgraded with the below products installed, but their management extension will be disabled and should be upgraded when ePO starts after setup:

      No incompatible products were found



      I suspect that this is a result of EEPC 7.0.2 only being supported by EPO5.0.1 and not EPO5.0, its just an oversight in the compatibility checker but because the compatability checker fails i cont progress the upgrade.


      I do have a support call open but even support seem stumped - has anyone else encountered this or a similar issue??


      Thanks in advance.