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    High CPU for FCAGTE.exe using DLP 9.3






      We use DLP 9.3 only for the device control element. We do not look for text pattenrs of scan the files for any info. Purely device blocking whether it be removable storage or PNP.


      We are seeing extrememly high CPU for the fcagte.exe process running constantly for hours on new builds.


      I am waiting the the dig 9.3 tool from McAfee but I can see from Procmon that the process is just reading through everything.


      I am not even sure, given the function I want DLP to perform , that I even need this process.


      Looking at the two images attached if I selected 'Device Control Only' would the fcagte.exe even kick in ? Or would I need to disable the 'File Copy Handler' as well ?


      Help would be much appreciated !