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    Reactive AutoBoot. EEPC user account assignment.




      Could you please clarify the answer about assignment of user:

      After exceeding the maximum defined failed attempts with Reactive AutoBoot, can a user authenticate using Windows credentials or use Self-Recovery to pass preboot and access Windows? [EEPC 7.0 Patch 1 and later]

      No, if the system has always been working in AutoBoot mode, which means it is likely that no EEPC users have been assigned to allow any successful preboot authentication.

      Yes, if the EEPC user account has been assigned and the user knows the EEPC login credentials.


      If I enable Reactive AutoBoot and user have never logged to PC using PBA. How can I pass to PBA user's Windows credentials?

      Will EEPC get user's Windows credentials for PBA if enable SSO and options below?

      2013-10-15 11_26_53-ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.6 (Build_ 176).png





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