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    EEPC 6 w/ Encryption Agent 1.x - no users on workstation?


      Had a strange issue with 3 separate machines at a remote location that I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it with my own eyes.


      My organization has a remote office across town with about 80 PCs. 4 of the PCs have had problems logging in the past few days and they were handled via recovery by the helpdesk. The strange part came when those exact machines had a problem the next day, and none of the users that previously existed on the machine could login - they were all getting a message saying "user not found" when they typed in their user name despite the fact that those users had previously logged in with no issues. I was getting the same message trying my user ID - and my ID should have access to every machine in our domain. I logged into the ePO server and it showed users assigned for each of the problem machines, yet trying to login as those users yielded a, "user not found" error.


      Has anyone ever heard of an issue like this before, where a machine suddenly loses every single encryption user?