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    Does the Intel Core i3 cpu support Deep Safe anti-malware technology?


      I purchased a PC with an Intel core i3 processor in anticipation of a McAfee consumer anti-malware product employing VTx hardware virtualization Deep Safe technology.


      I read the following on a website reviewing the core i3 cpu:


      • Core i3 CPUs have Turbo Boost Technology disabled.
      • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instructions are not supported;
      • Processors do not support Virtualization for directed I/O (VT-d) and Trusted Execution Technology features.


      Does this mean that the core i3 cpu cannot support the full implementation of Deep Safe?


      As far as I know, McAfee still does not have a consumer Deep Safe product.


      Does Deep Defender, the enterprise anti-malware product, run fully implemented on the core i3 cpu?


      If not, what is the minimum cpu specification to fully deploy all the capabilities of Deed Defender ?