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      In the last 10 days or so I've noticed that when I re-start my computer that I get the following error: "misp://mscjsres.dll::msc.html/". I've uninstalled and reinstalled Mcafee several times and when I double click on the Mcafee Security icon on my desktop, all I get is a blank white screen so I'm not sure that it is working properly. When I searched for this same problem in the communities section, it looks like this was a problem sometime last year but this is the first that I've had this problem and I want to get it fixed as my subscription isn't up until July 2014. I've searched for that file name and my computer found it in the Mcafee folder, so why isn't it working?

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          Peter M

          The McAfee interface is an Internet Explorer webpage so it would appear that your IE is not functioning correctly.  Whether or not you use it as your default browser doesn't matter, make sure it's fully updated and all it's add-ons too.


          See this link regarding this issue:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-3000

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            Well I've updated all the Internet Explorer items I could (my machine runs on Windows XP and will only allow me to update to Internet Explorer 8) could this be my problem? Will I need to re-start my machine for it to recognize the add ons that I downloaded?

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              The message indicates that File A is attempting to perform some action on or with File B. So the message must refer to mscjsres.dll attempting to do something. If the Security Center is showing a white box then that must be the "msc.html" in the message.


              All I can find about mscjsres.dll is that this is a library of javascript (and perhaps other) functions connected with the Security Center ("msc") user interface - the file properties show its function as "McAfee Pearl MSC UI Resource DLL".


              So perhaps the easiest thing to do is to reset Internet Explorer to its defaults and see if that fixes the problem. If the poster feels confident with modifying IE settings then there are a few which could be experimented with. Since I'm not using IE right now I'll have to open it later to see which those might be.

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                Peter M

                Also update to IE8 if you haven't already done so.


                Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it will fix the issue:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/ 


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                  If I reset to my default settings, will I then have to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 again since it will put me back to whatever setting it was when I bought the computer back in 2006?


                  Also, I ran the Virtual Technician and it corrected 2 problems but couldn't fix 1 which was "Site advisor 3.6.400  Problem: missing files (20)". How do I know what I am missing and how can I go get them?

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                    Peter M

                    No you wont..   When you reinstalled McAfee did you do a cleanup in-between using the MCPR cleanup tool and then install from the onlinhe account?

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                      Peter M

                      Just ti clarify,... it's only IE that you are setting to default settings.  Not the computer.

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                        Edit - I've just noticed the implication that the poster has only very recently upgraded to IE8, so that raises the questions not only of whether the settings from a previous version of IE were carried over into IE8, but of whether any new options introduced in IE8 defaulted to an inappropriate value. If in doubt, I would reset everything and then go through and modify settings as required, but then I've done a lot of background checking as to what each of those settings is for and what happens if you change them. Trial and error (lots of error) also played a part. You won't go far wrong if you accept Microsoft's default values but your system might benefit from changing some of them.



                        Most of the scripting options are in the Security section of IE's Internet Options. Resetting all zones to their default value should be the first thing to try. If that doesn't do it, reset the Advanced options to the default. Only as a last resort use the Reset All button, although that will (from experience) remove an awful lot of crud from the browser, especially add-ons, and IE will run much faster as a result. It just means any customisation and personalisation has to be done all over again.


                        Reset IE Security.PNG


                        Reset IE Advanced settings.PNG


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                          I have been experiencing the identical problem during the same time frame.  A solution would be appreciated.

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