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    Subscription expired, Window's password changed.

      I am acting on the behalf of my grandfather. Supposedly Mcafree contacted him over the phone about his subscription running out. He declined to resubscribe. The caller warned him about some extra level of protection on his computer. Shortly after this, I am unsure of how long, his password for Windows has been changed so he can no longer get into Windows. To me it sounds like he was scammed by someone that planted a virus that allows control over his computer. However I wanted to check if this was something McAfee does as part of tech support. He had issues with his computer a year ago which McAfee techsupport help him with. He said he was walked through some programs by tech support none of which he can tell me about.


      Thanks for your time.

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          As far as my experience tells me Mcafee never calls you to warn you about expiry issues. they always nag you with emails and popups but never calls. When they called did he let them connect to the PC? Yes with tech support they do ask to remote to the pC to fix things BUT and this is a big BUT this is always aftyer you have called them not the other way.


          I have pinged a couple of high level tech to ask about this. My other contacts are on a long weekend so not back till Tuesday.

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            The caller claimed my grandfather never responded to emails about his subscription expiring. So the reason for the call was about him not responding to emails they sent. Also they mentioned something about an extra layer of security installed on his system. This time he never let them connect to the computer. However he says he called McAfee support about a year ago who had him run some programs. I have no details on what programs or steps the techs had him take. All I really know is he recieved this call. declined to resubscribe which resulted in his password not longer being valid.

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              By Password you mean his window login password? If he actually did not let them connect how could a virus be put on his PC? I do not know about an extra layer of security unless he had Internet security or jut Mcafee anti virus and they were saying upgrade to say Total Protection. I am still awaiting  a reply from teh Mcafee tier 2.5 team I should have an answer later on today or early tomorrow.


              So he cannot access his PC at all even safe mode would be unavailable if windows login locked out. So there are many free p[assword recovering tools available maybe he should use 1 of them. I just goog;led lost windows password and found several green ticked sites ( Site davisor approved)


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                We techs will not be able to gain access to the PC unless customer fills the code (given by the technician on call)  to the McAfee Support website.


                However we have confirmation that calls will be made to Customers who have Subscription to Tech Master Services with Auto Renewal feature disabled and product is nearing Expiry.


                We'll have some progress if you could post the Service Request number that you received from McAfee tech( a year ago as you said )

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                  @ Peacekeeper


                  As far as I know he said his windows password. I do not have access to his computer so I can not confirm this.


                  The only alternative besides becoming infected by a virus on his own would be something done during his call to tech support a year ago when he PC had issues. He ran programs support told him to download and run. He says his mouse moved on it's own which to me is remote desktop access within windows. I do not know if one of these programs added this "extra layer" of security the call to him claims. All I know is he had previous support when he called McAfee about. The last call was to him about the subscription expiring and now his password doesn't work anymore.


                  He doesnt know enough about computers to get into safe mode, hes 92 years old. He knows enough to login into windows to send emails to the family, that is about it. I am the only one willing to handle this issue with his PC, he has no interest. From his point of view the PC is broken so no longer worth the effort.


                  Im am trying to have him send me his case as I can handle his end of this issue. However as far as he is concerned he believes McAfee locked his computer for failing to resubscribe. He packed the whole system up and wants nothing to do with it as a result.


                  @ Chinthanai


                  He no longer has any information regarding his previous call to tech support a year ago. He doesnt remember any details. So unless I can get access to his system I ca not provide any details as he does not remember any.



                  In general is there any sort of product from McAfee that locks access to his PC be it changes to his Windows password or some pre-boot program?


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                    No not that I know there is anti theft but that is on laptops and really only recent and does not affect windows password.


                    Can you PM me his email address he would have used to register his Mcafee then I can pass that onto Selvan and he can chase up the call that way.


                    When he called them/ they called him  was money/charges required ?