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    Serious Firewall bug with Mcafee Internet Security 12.8. Help!!!




      I have Mcafee internet Security and it just updated to the version 12.8 Build 12.8.856 .  I decided check my firewall using the Shields Up site at www.grc.com and it shows that ports 145 and 445 are both OPEN and NOT SHIELDED.  I never had this problem with the pervious versions of Mcafee before the new build and version.  I seriously need help>  Can anyone help.  I have a 64 bit version of Windows 7 with lates updates.  I also have some other security software including EMET, Zemana Antilogger, WinPatrol.  I have this setup before so nothing new except the new update to Mcafees lates version and build.  Please help.  This is serious as I now have two open ports. 



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