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    High mcshield.exe after update to new user interface


      Hi all


      My computer updated to the new user interface yesterday. After the update and restart I noticed my cpu usuage was around 70%(using Chrome with one tab open).I looked in the task manager and saw that mcshield.exe was over 160000k,usually its around 80000k.

      I have had an online chat session with support this morning who remotely took over my computer,teleted some temporary files and cookies and also removed Malwarebytes from my system(Malwarebytes has always got along ok with McAfee before?)

      Anyway they told me to restart my computer and ended the chat session.Needless to say nothing has changed.As I type this cpu usage is around 63% with one tab open and mcshield.exe is running at over 166000.


      I use Vista with 2GB ram and the processor is a pentium dual core 2.13


      Any help or advice would be most welcome.


      Just to add prior to this new interface being updated everything was running just fine.

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          Peter M

          The Virtual Memory use in the new versions is higher and they are aware of that and looking at it, but remember it's Virtual Memory that's showing there so your system shouldn't be straining from just that. 


          The measure on performance hit would be if your CPU cycles were consistently high, are they?


          Malwarebytes can be safely reinstalled.   It used to be a clash but now the installer just gives a warning about it which can be ignored.


          The only solution I could offer would be to do complete uninstall routine via Control Panel > Programs, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from your online account.


          Also make sure your system is absolutely all up to date including Internet Explorer and its add-ons even if you don't use it (McAfee does) - most people don't realise that last bit is very important.


          Nowadays a Pentium Dual Core is probably a little on the low side for processing power, but should be OK still.







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            Hi Ex_Brit and thanks for the reply


            mcshield.exe has slowed down a bit,currently just over 100000k and cpu usage around 63%(with 2 tabs open).


            I told McAfee support that Malwarebytes never caused problems but they still wanted to remove it,prehaps they should be made aware that it  doesn't clash with McAfee.As you have told me that McAfee are aware of the problem and are working on it I shall at this point refrain from doing a full uninstall/reinstall.If the matter does get worse I shall probably have to go down that route as a last resort..

            My computer is a Dell one which is now over 7 years old so perhaps I should be thinking of upgrading to something with more power to keep up with modern software demands.

            I do keep all my browsers/add ons up to date.and constantly check via Filehippo for the latest ones.I also keep all windows updates up to date.


            Thanks once again for your prompt reply

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              Peter M

              I think they already know that Malwarebytes is OK but it's part of their troubleshooting routine I guess.   Yes, these days things are obsolete the day after you buy them, or so it seems.   I'm just hoping my Alienware monster keeps on trucking for years to come as I doubt I could afford a new one now I'm on a pension - that seems to shrink by the minute..!

              I've already had to replace 1 of the hard drives and 1 of the fans so keeping fingers crossed on that account ;-)

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                Hi Ex_Brit


                mcshield.exe hasn't been too bad of late,still high but as the day goes on and more I use the computer it seems to settle down to around 110,000k.


                But this morning after switching on windows put a red shield on my task bar saying I wasn't protected and open security center to check.It said under malware protection that there is no security software installed.

                I opened McAfee  and noticed that anti spam was off,so I turned it on but after going back to it was switched off again.I then ran virtual technician which found and fixed 2 items but there was a red cross where it said anti spam.

                I then did an online chat with support who remotely took over my computer,had a look round and said anti spam wasn't working and needed an uninstall and then reinstall.He uninstalled it and left me the setup file on my desk top.I then restarted the computer,installed the file and antu spam is now working.

                Wonder if that was a glitch in the new interface update.

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                  Peter M

                  I can only speculate that an update somehow became corrupted on the way in?    Who knows?  The technician would be the only ones who could answer that.   Anyway, good luck ;-)