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    Remove the Enterprise

    Jose Mello

      Do not know if it's just here to report my problem, but I'll try it here: I use Mac

      I am a residential customer and I'm having trouble with something "Enterprise" which is preventing it from being installed Mcafee LiveSafe for Mac when message appeared saying that my computer is installed on a version of this Enterprise.

      For this reason I can not install LiveSafe.

      I need help to remove this Enterprise, which never installed.

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          Just 'Enterprise' on it's own?   No mention of McAfee?  It could be just about anything.    McAfee software would be listed in your programs.

          I think this will be best placed in Livesafe anyway so will move it there.





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            Jose Mello

            Allow yourself to disagree. Nobody will know the LiveSafe remove Mcafee Enterprise. I believe that the community will know the Enterprise.

            Incidentally, I think you could help me, because I have 3 products that Mcafee - all paid and validity - and I'm no protection on my computer. I never installed this product (Enterprise) on my machine. It appeared when it was removed Mcafee Internet Security for Mac that I used (valid for maio/2014) and try to install LiveSafe with the help of this support Mcafee.

            Today I downloaded a new software (Mcafee Endpoint Protection for Mac) that Mcafee and tried to install and the message that I have installed on my machine a more modern version?????

            Before that came the message that I have Enterprise installed on my machine.

            I have been since October 7 in this situation, even speaking for many (MANY EVEN) times with the support of this Mcafee.

            I live in Brazil and I need help.

            Sorry for my English because i I'm using Google Translate.

            Thank you,

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              OK I have moved this to Business > MAC & Linux Products - hopefully someone here will know what this is all about.  I cannot help as I have no knowledge of either MAC, Endpoint Protection or Livesafe.


              Please wait for an answer.

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                If you are using Endpoint Protection you theoretically should have access to the support portal using a grant number.  If you don't know what that is consult with whomever provided the software.