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    DLP - Bluetooth Blocking


      Hi All,

      I just wonder if anyone have any issue with bloacking Bluetooth with Windows 7.  I configured the rule to block the Bluetooth from sending files to the PDA device, but it doesn't seem to work. It works for Removable Media devices.

      ePO 6.6





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          Content rules are not supported for Bluetooth. You may disable Bluetooth entirely using Device rules.

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            Yes, I'm talking about Device Rule.  I created the rule Bluetooth Blocked and applied the rule to my test account and still I was able to send file to my PDA device.  When I go to DLP Monitor to view the rule alert for Bluetooth device not available, only see DVD, Disk Drives, USB, etc but Bluetooth.

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              I tried this too and it didn't work. I also didn't get alerts in the Monitor. I think this is related to the devices registering as 'BluetoothVirtual' device class. I added a class for BluetoothVirtual and now it was at least blocking some features to send files. but the 'send to bluetooth' from windows context menu was still functioning. So I decided to block the bluetooth stuff completely and make exceptions for HID devices.