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    Generic PUP.f


      Four days a go McAfee updated it sofware and then started displaying a warning ( Potentially Unwanted Program Bloked -  Generic PUP.f.

      Is this a safe program  ?

      Evey time I quarantie this program,  one minute later it appears again and again and I can't stop the thing.


      Is there any way I can change some settings in McAfee to ignore this Generic PUP.f,    bearing in mind I am not very good with computers ?

      Thank you.


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          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Navigation

          Scroll down and then click Quarantined and Trusted Items

          Under the section 'Quarantined Possibly Unwanted Programs' it should be listed.

          It should also give details of what it is/was and maybe from that you can determine that information?

          There you can either delete it or trust it so that in future it wont be detected.


          A PUP is only a potentially unwanted program, it isn't necessarily bad.

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            I've had this problem myslef for a few days (Win 7 Ultimate). I used Control Panel Uninstall to remove 'ContinueToSave'. That seems to have done the trick - no more nuisance messages from McAfee


            No more problems since then.


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              "ContinueToSave" is adware and is detected as such by Microsoft, at least (Encyclopedia entry HERE).


              "Generic PUP.f" is a McAfee catch-all description (first added 2006) for any number of grey-area programs, add-ons, and suchlike. It could refer to anything. If the message has only recently started to appear then something new is either doing the rounds or McAfee has added an existing piece of adware to the list.

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                Hi Hayton,


                Thank you for your responce,  but the information is over my head, sorry.

                I am not cleaver on computers like you chaps are,   so I don't understand what you mean.

                Is Generic PUP.f   bad  and should it be stopped from entering the laptop ?

                If yes,  then how do I stop it,  or stop McAfee from keep sowing the warning ?


                Can I aacept the Generic PUP.f     or  keep sending it to quarantine ?



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                  it's not bad, it's "potentially unwanted" - only you can decide if you want it or not.


                  I'd say get rid of it. Hamil told you how to do that above.


                  To give you more details, you need to follow Ex_Brit's instructions to tell us more about what this thing is - then you/we can research on the web what it does.

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                    A PUP is "potentially unwanted". McAfee is hedging its bets on this. If you want whatever it is, you can opt to keep it and tell McAfee not to flag it next time it appears. The trouble with a McAfee detection like "Generic PUP.f" is that it covers a lot of different programs so if you allow one, you allow all. It's up to you whether to allow it next time. You may end up with toolbars and other things that slow down your browsing, but it won't wreck your PC or anything like that.

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                      Hi Hamill,


                      With regards your information (I used control panel uninstall to remove "continue to save").

                      I am using Vista home, and looked everywhere for this "continue to save"  but can not find it anywhere,  not even in programes.

                      I am new to all this computer world and not cleaver like you guys, sorry.


                      So I don't know where to look,  could anybody help or suggest what I do please  ( apart from going away ).


                      Thank you,



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                        It's only one suggestion of a possible culprit - you need to look in the quarantine log as Ex_Brit said, and find the EXACT details of the particular PUP in question.


                        Or, call tech support and they will take control of your computer and do it for you.