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    What is the correct procedure for migrating VSE 8.8 exclusions to Move AV MP 2.6.2?


      I am looking for the correct procedure to migrate VSE  exclusions to the MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Client 2.6.2 General policies in ePO


      Many companies will have multiple policies for different types of servers. Sometimes these will count up to large quantities with many exclusions per server type.


      There is an option in the MOVE client Policy to import new exclusions from a file:

      move policy.PNG

      I understand from this thread that the import button is meant for importing VSE exclusions.

      What I am missing though is where to export these exclusions from the VSE policies?

      vse policy.PNG

      As you can see there is no option to export...


      Now don't say you have to export using these buttons:
      vse export.PNG

      ...because that does not work.


      Now at the moment the only way I see to migrate them is to manually paste and copy each exclusion line from the VSE policy to the Move policy.

      That is a lot of work and to my opinion does not look very professional towards the customer if you have to do it like that.


      Thanks for your advise!