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    Keyboard input is randomly interpreted as uppercase during preboot authentication on Vostro 270s UEFI


      Hello again

      We bought 15 new PC Dell Vostro 270s with preinstalled Windows 8 x64 OS. When I installed EEPC 7.0.2 in UEFI mode on this computers I experienced strange issue with keyboard key map within pre-boot. When entering username, characters are randomly interpreted as uppercase, lowercase or special sign $, %, ^ etc. instead numbers. For example when typing small characters everything is ok, but when I type only one upper case (with shift key) from now all sign is upper case. When I type "a" displayed "A", "&" sign instead "7" etc. I tried CAPS LOCK off, used external keyboard, disable Secure Boot and nothing help. It is very difficult to enter correct password. What I can do now? We have latest versions of all McAffe modules (attachment) and UEFI version (A10). Now Dell doesn't have newer BIOS revision on your page.




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