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    dmz agent handler


      I've got the handler isntalled and working enabled in dmz.   For lack of a better word I've got 3 zones,  internal, dmz and internet.   I have clients that fload between internal and internet, then there are clients are in dmz.  In all I have an epo server and an handler in dmz.  The epo server is handler for internal clients, then another handler in dmz which will service clients in dmz and also internet.


      What i'm having trouble figuring out is the setup to have the default behavior for clients be to primarily connect to the epo server, internal handler and if they can't, failover to internet handler.

      Currenlty the dmz handler shows up with the dmz ip,  my thought was to create a virtual handler with the public accessible dns/ip and add that to a group with the epo server but how do I configure it to be a failover.


      Also if I create handler groups they show up as a repository in virusScan on clients after getting the new sitelist/policies but I don't see them on the epo server under distributed repositories.  How I can prevent this?


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