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    Does Security Center work without activation?


      Hello, I purchased a Dell latptop about 2 years ago, and deleted the pre-installed McAfee first thing.  Yesterday I did a factory image restore and did not delete the pre-installed McAfee right away.  Though I did not activate any sort of trial right away either.  As I was on the internet I got a pop up from McAfee saying that they had blocked some connection that it thought was bad.  Now I was surprised to see this as I thought that since I hadn't activated anything yet McAfee wasn't protecting my computer.  Does this mean that on my Dell McAfee will continue to protect it regardless of whether I activate the account or not?  And what about the thing that says I have 14 days to activate my trial, what happens after the 14 days?  Does security center stop protecting my computer or does the trial simply go away?


      I guess what it boils down to is, if security center is protecting my computer without activation, why would I activate?