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    Enable DHCP Server Relay mode

    Sistemas TI Nacel CA

      Hello to all,


      I was working on the firewall server and I can achieve the DHCP relay option to work. Here are the following steps.


      In the network objects, Create an IP Address object with a value of for broadcast

      then Select Policy -> Rules

      Create a rule to accept DHCP requests from clients

      • Applications — Select DHCP Relay

      • Source Zone — Select the zone where the clients attempting to obtain IP addresses via DHCP are located

      • Source Endpoint — Verify that <Any> is selected

      • Destination Zone — Select the zone where the DHCP clients are located.

      • Destination Endpoint — Select or create an IP Address object with a value of


      Once this step is set up, move the rule beneath the 4 and 5 rule, in order of importance and overwriting.

      Apply and then save.


      Voila! congrats... the DHCP is working now and can joing the local network using DHCP relay service.