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    McAfee 8.8 rebooting Windows 2003 r2 AD server


      For the past month i have been very confused.

      Has anyone else had the same issue?


      For the past month, the AD server seems to randomly reboot every night or every couple nights. 

      for a trial we took off HBSS, it was still crashing so we uninstalled all instances including Mcafee 8.8. We let it go for a week, it stopped crashing..

      We then decided to reinstall Mcafee enterprise and we once again were rebooting. 

      I wasn't seeing the Event Code 109 in the error log, but I was seeing an unexpected crash/shutdown. I wasn't able to isolate when/why it was crashing with the AV reinstalled.

      I cant find anyting in the error logs to tell me why. 


      This ONLY is occuring with the AD servers, all other Windows 2003 R2 Servers are perfectly fine.


      could be a possible conflicting stig?