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    McAfee Charged my Account without Permission

      My bank account was hit with a $51.44 charge this morning which overdrew my account. I used to buy Norton 360 for many years, but switched over to a different antivirus about 8 months ago with no issue. I have never once purchased McAfee, nor have I ever installed it on any of my computers. I called McAfee customer support and the individual asked for my bank account information, as well as other personal identifiable information that I was uncomfortable with sharing. So I then called my bank, Bank of America to file a fraud claim. Apparently, Bank of America has a program in place where Online Banking Customers are opted into a free 12 month subscription for McAfee, after which you will be charged a renewal fee once the 12 months expires. I'm quite sure the moderator will come along and say I need to read the fine print on my subscription, but seeing as how I never actively sought out business with McAfee, nor had the software installed on any of my computers, I don't have the option to adjust my auto-renewal preferences. I would have to classify this as a predatory consumer practice and will be reporting this to the BBB.

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          I'm sorry you've been charged unexpectedly. but I feel that your fight is with Bank of America as it's their program, as you've already stated. No fraud is involved if you OK'd the arrangement in the first place, which you must have done.


          In any case we can't do anything in these forums regarding any type of accounting.   All of that is between you and Customer Service and/or your bank.


          I do know that McAfee will gladly refund any perceived incorrect charges in most instances unless levied by a 3rd party then you have to seek redress from that 3rd party.


          I would speak to them again


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            I understand your stance, and I think you can appreciate mine. The fault lies more so with my bank, than with McAfee, but the issue of me having no tools to option out of the renewal process is frustraiting. You can google this issue and as of now multiple hits will appear on the first page. BoA may have instituted this program, but McAfee is definitely withdrawing the funds. To this day, I have never received an email from McAfee regarding this service that I've supposedly been receiving for over a year, nor a cursory follow-up email stating they were about to charge me a renewal fee.


            And lets just say I suddenly decide to accept the charge and switch over to using McAfee. Shouldn't I have some sort of serial number to validate my subscription? Without any of those normally introductory emails stating "Thanks for choosing McAfee","Here's your Serial #", "Please keep a record", etc... I'm still up a creek without a paddle.


            I'm just now delving into this problem, but since McAfee is the service that is charging my account, partial blame resides with them.

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              They don't issue serial numbers but on your online account page there is always the download link for the latest version of the software and you can turn off auto-renewal there too.  I agree that process could be made more obvious and I also realise that few people do actually read the fine print from beginning to end, so yes, it should be clearer, but so should banks, and I don't trust them too much on the clarity and openness front !!


              As I said McAfee's Refund Policy is quite generous so a refund should be easy enough to obtain.


              But all account questions should go to them as we have no access here.

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                Now, if I may.....I have been a "Loyal McAfee Consumer" of McAfee since 2004 beginning with Protection offered by (Aol).  Which I might add was free, and provided By Aol-Time Warner for it,s consumers. Having said this, before agreeing to install McAfee I carefully took the time to read the "EULA Agreement" which any product and/or Software provides to each individual before agreement to install.


                This is to include any software available to install and download.

                So many times, if not all the time...(No-one) actually reads the "Fine -Print" simply due to the fact they (want) the Software-Product in the first place.


                Now if I may proceed to my very reason for corresponding to this thread......


                It is my understanding that "Bank of America" is the Entity that offered you the "Superior Security Protection" which is provided by McAfee...undeniable !  Whether or not you chose to utilize another Security Vendor of your choice, is on you.


                I must concur with Ex Brit, that your disatisfaction with McAfee is misplaced. And "Bank of America" is the entity doing buisness as a Finacial Institution, you should contemplate legal remedies.


                As for the "Auto-Renewal" pratices...this is commonplace with all spectrums of Software, whether it be Security, or any other "EULA" Agreement" one has (accepted). Personally I renew my McAfee subscription every (2) years.


                I am fully aware of the fact that (30) days before ny renewal date, McAfee will auto renew my Protection in most cases at "Full Price"  If one was to read the "Auto Renewal" agreement in the "Active Subscription" verbage....you would be aware of this.


                In other words, I call McAfee Toll Free, and renew my "Total Protection" 30-45 days befire it is due. And in all instances, at the same reduced price as it was when originally purchased. Then I simply sit back, being self-assured that my computer and devices are secure,and protected.


                Sure ....occasinally there may be a "Glitch" or (2) that may occur. However as stated by all of our Moderators. In todays computing, especially with all of the Malware attempting to infiltrate one,s system...occasionally an exploit may get through.


                This goes without saying...No (1) Security Vendor is perfect !


                As usual I am "Long-winded" and could convey my thoughts in less words. I am thanful for the McAfee Moderators, and the Technical Support individuals whom patrol this forum, to help resolve any issues that may arise.


                As the old saying goes..."Don,t (Shoot the Messenger) especially when the messenger takes it upon themselves...to volunteer.  Not once have I ever dialed toll free ( US) I-866-622-3911 been disatisfied, irregardless the reason.


                Although I can have empathy for your account being charged....Again I revert back to my previous statements....Your Beef should be with "Bank of America"...not McAfee.  I have no "Dog in this fight", for I am soley a McAfee consumer.


                However, I can produce evidence of incidences with "Bank of America" that could be percieved as "Un-Ethical" as well. I might add also, this coming from the (State) that is the (HeadQuarters) for  them...

                Charlotte, North Carolina.


                Please do not misconstrue my comments as argumentative....It is simply that as hard as our (Volunteer) Moderators try to assist each of us....There is only so much they can do.



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                  Tracy Romine



                  Thanks for taking the time share your experience.  I hope your upcoming medical care goes smoothly!

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                               You are perfectly welcome. It is most impressive that you would take it upon yourself, to send well wishes-kind words. Thank You.....This is yet just another example of why I continue to choose "McAfee" as my choice. To fullfill my Security needs......



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                      Anyone with a similar problem please start your own new thread in this section, but first read the licensing terms you agreed to by clicking OK to when you installed the software, whenever that was:  About Us: Home and Home Office Anti Virus Software | McAfee

                      Only Customer Service can answer billing inquiries so please contact them by phone preferably, or by online chat, but not by email as account questions can't be discussed in emails.   Link below.

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