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      I downloaded the latest stinger (stinger32) and copied it to a stick. I wanted to run this stinger on a pc that does not have internet connection. It seems that to run stinger32, that pc must have an internet connection. How can I run the latest stinger on a pc without internet connection? Any ideas.






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          Peter M

          I think it checks a database for the rootkit scan but not sure.  I have sent a message to my contact in McAfee Labs regarding your question and will let you know.

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            Peter M

            I just received this from one of the developers there:


            Stinger is a stand alone executable and will work just fine from a USB.

            If the user plans to run it from a WinPE/BartPE USB stick, then certain html components are required.

            By that last bit I think that would be where it needs to go online.

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              I tried to run stinger32 from a usb device (Transcend storage device).


              At first it loads stinger.


              Then it goes to the licence agreement window.


              And when I click on "Accept" the following displays.


              Clearly, its looking for an internet connection. If I copy stinger32 to the pc itself and run it from there I get the same results.

              When I run stinger32 on another pc that has internet connection then it loads and runs okay.







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                Peter M

                I will query my friend in McAfee Labs again.

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                  Hi Selvum,


                  Does this PC have a network card at all? What is your OS and Internet Explorer version?

                  I switched off my Wi-Fi, copied Stinger32.exe to a USB and ran it. I could not reproduce this.



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                    Hi Vinoo.


                    Thanks for responding.


                    This pc does have a network card that connects to the plc (control) network. The OS is MS windows XP. Internet explorer is not installed.


                    Please help.......................any suggestions.






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                      Peter M

                      For clarification Vinoo will need more information


                      XP....what?    Anything less than XP SP3 is not supported.


                      Also Internet Explorer has to be installed, there is no way of removing it from XP as it's an integral part of the OS and it should be version 8 if you are up to date.   Look for it in your Start > All Programs menu.

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                        Stinger 12.x won't work with IE 6 and you'll get this error.

                        It requires IE8. With IE7 - it will load, but some graphics might not be sharp.





                        on 21/10/13 6:29:38 EDT AM
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                          Hi F.Y.I..........................see screen shots.




                          Start > All Programs.............No internet explorer.


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