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    disaster recovery files copy if processes in use


      hi guys,


      so if you want to backup the folders as in KB66616 but the services are not stopped then its not going to copy successfully correct? any tips how to copy even if these processes are being used, see folders from KB66616 below:


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\SERVER\

      All installed extensions and configuration information for the ePO Application Server service is found here.



      NOTE: If you want to reduce the number of items to back up from the \SERVER folder backup, consider excluding only the following:


              C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator \server\logs (server log files)

              C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\server\cache (Contains cached information that ePO creates and uses, such as generated chart images. ePO will regenerate that information, if deleted.)

              C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\server\work (Contains cached information about web applications registered with Tomcat. Tomcat will regenerate that information, if deleted.)


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB \SOFTWARE\

      All Products that have been checked into the Master Repository are located here.



      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB \KEYSTORE\

      The Agent to Server Communication and Repository Keys that are unique to your installation are located here. Failing to restore this folder results in re-pushing the agent to all your systems, and checking in all of your deployable packages again.


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\APACHE2\CONF

      The Server configuration settings for Apache, the SSL Certificates needed to authorize the server to handle agent requests, and Console Certificates are located here. Failure to back up and restore this directory results in a re-installation of ePO to create new ones and possibly using a clean database installation.