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    Web Reporter not retrieving logs after update to MWG 7.4




      Ever since I upgrade the MWG from to 7.4, the web reporter fails to retrieve the log with the below error. I get this message everytime it retrieves the log.


      2013-10-09 08:32:08,483 ERROR [securecomputing.smartfilter.logparsing.frontends.webgatewaygetter.WebGatewayGe tter] HTTP error 404 returned from Web Gateway 7 '10.x.x.x.:4712'. Detailed reason: user-defined-logs/access.log does not exist

      2013-10-09 08:32:08,498 ERROR [securecomputing.smartfilter.logparsing.LogAudit] (WebGatewayGetter) Failed to retrieve list of log files from Web Gateway 7 server '10.x.x.x.:4712'.


      Using the Test to test whether it can read a log file works. Says " A log file was successfully read from this source"

      There is a folder also "user-defined-logs" in Web Gateway when I checked.


      What could be the issue here?


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