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    ePO agent not installing modules


      NOTE: Yes, my question is about the Mac agent.  I've posted to the Mac & Linux Products forum, but there are no responses in weeks or months there.  Please do not move this thread there to be buried.


      I've got several Macs that have cma installed and running.  We can see that they have the EPOAGENT3700MACX: module installed and working.  There are other modules that are required by the server, but they aren't installing.  In the log file, I can see some errors about "An update session is already running" and "Enforce Task for task id [2300] failed" and:


      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803] [ipcchannel] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803] [ipcchannel] [E]   Data receive failed

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803]        [Uec] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803]        [Uec] [E]   Mue ipc client did not terminate gracefully


      In McScript.log, we see some:


      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]        [Log] [E]  [Main thread]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]    [SessMgr] [E]  [initializeScript]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E]  [catgets,014f9b30,206]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E]   Undefined error: 0


      and a whole lot of errors around:


      2013-10-08 10:01:14 [1862]   [ScrptExe] [E]  [Line 599:  RunScript dwRet = /Library/McAfee/cma/scratch/update/Current/VSCANDAT1000/V2datdet.mcs, ScriptMain]->


      That "script" is a binary, so I have no idea what line 599 is trying to do, or why there are line numbers for a binary file :-)


      Logs attached from the point of starting the agent.


      Any assistance greatly appreciated!