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    Mac agent not installing modules


      I've got several Macs that have cma installed and running.  We can see that they have the EPOAGENT3700MACX: module installed and working.  There are other modules that are required by the server, but they aren't installing.  In the log file, I can see some errors about "An update session is already running" and "Enforce Task for task id [2300] failed" and:


      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803] [ipcchannel] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803] [ipcchannel] [E]   Data receive failed

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803]        [Uec] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:01:20 [1803]        [Uec] [E]   Mue ipc client did not terminate gracefully


      In McScript.log, we see some:


      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E] Error trace:

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]        [Log] [E]  [Main thread]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]    [SessMgr] [E]  [initializeScript]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E]  [catgets,014f9b30,206]->

      2013-10-08 10:00:10 [1829]     [RcFile] [E]   Undefined error: 0


      and a whole lot of errors around:


      2013-10-08 10:01:14 [1862]   [ScrptExe] [E]  [Line 599:  RunScript dwRet = /Library/McAfee/cma/scratch/update/Current/VSCANDAT1000/V2datdet.mcs, ScriptMain]->


      That "script" is a binary, so I have no idea what line 599 is trying to do, or why there are line numbers for a binary file :-)


      Logs attached from the point of starting the agent.


      Any assistance greatly appreciated!