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      Dear Team,



      We are using McAfee webgwasher 6.x. While accessing the below websites we are getting Magic bytes missmatch error. and the sites are blocked.





      We tried enabling the Non-rectifiable media types with magic bytes mismatch, but no luck. We also tried adding the site under common ------ whitelist as follows


      After the above changes, the block page & error msg disaapeared, but the page is not loading, instead loding as normal text, looking like coes.

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          I could replicate the "Magic Bytes Mismatch" issue you mentioned, but after a whitelist entry the page loads. It's possible there are some other rules unique to your configuration that are causing the page to not load fully. Have you had a chance to check out your access and access denied logs? (Reporting > View Log Files)


          If you log block_res in one of these logs (Reporting > Log File Mgmt > Customize HTTP Access (denied)  log > Log File Structure)), you can get details about whether a request was blocked or allowed.

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            Hi Shock,


            Can you please share in which way have you added the whitelist entry, may be I have not added the entry in the right manner.

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              Common > Whitelist > Choose the appropriate policy in left-hand pane. (note: this is a per policy change)


              The entry looked like:


              String    access.usbank.com

              Web      Any URL


              I checked the box 'Media Type Filter' below

              Add to Whitelist.


              If you're still having issues, it would a good idea to consult the access/access denied logs to see if some of the css or other objects are getting blocked by a different filter in your policy.


              Add'l info about your whitelist:

              -you could also temporarily check all of the filters in your whitelist entry to see if the site loads by whitelisting all filters or if the problem persists.