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    Breaking inheritance for client tasks with ePO




      Is it possible to break inheritance for client tasks with ePO 4.6.3?


      I have a group (A) below My Organization with the task to deploy VSE.  Inside this group I'd like to create a subgroup (B) with the task to deploy MOVE clients, but I don't want to inherit VSE deployment from the group A.  Is it possible or there are some other more efficient ways to accomplish this?


      If I create the subgroup B the VSE deployment task is automatically inheritted and the Delete button is gray so I can't delete VSE deployment task for the subgroup B.


      Thank you.

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          We can break the inheritance from the client task assignment from the specific group level, which is inheritance from the My ORg or top group level.


          >> Select the group and edit the task and select the option:  “BreakInheritance and assign the policy and setting below this point”

          Select the task and click on NEXT = and select the option DISABLE and click next and save the task.


          >> Then send the wake up call to all the clients under the Group B with full properties to get this updated information.


          This helps to avoid the sub group B to install VSE.


          Note: Check the attached snapshots for the break inheritance and from system tree ( Ex:Servers ) group is disabled the task.





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