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    McAfee disables Network Services

      Just had four weeks from how trying to fix my Aunties laptop.

      Bought by her son who now lives in Aus, who bought McAfee product.. previous problems with Norton means i only use AVG now but thooght as it was all paid for i'd install.. all happy for a couple weeks then no network.. connects to wireless but no transfer, found no IP stack and unable to start services.. disabled McAfee immediately but same so thought disk corruption etc etc.. countless hours spent researching, countless supposed fixes ; in end did a registry hack to enable uninstall of TCIP.. re install all worked.. then went again.. had it at home, applied hack, working, happen to notice McAfee 'updating'.. bang, went again on next reboot.. couldn't load DHCP client. Uninstalled McAfee completely.. worked immediately.


      Have now installed AVG.. upates and all still working fine, will advise Auntie to get her money back.. any chance of a refund on wasting my life for last four weeks ?.. thought not.



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          Customer Service are the people who do refunds.   They are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It's possible that remnants of Norton were left over or else there was more than one Network in Device Manager which confused the software because normally it allows network automatically except when in lockdown.

          Did you use the Norton removal tool, and when removing McAfee, did you use theirs too?


          It's also linked under Useful Links.


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            I probably didn't explain properly.. my problems with Norton were many years ago and nothing to do with this incident.. it was a comparison that both McAfee and Norton, as the best well known and used software of this type always seems to presume it can take over and manage the whole PC.. and invariably causes problems.


            This was bought (not by me) as a refurbished second user machine with clean install, they only wanted it for skype access for son in Australia, apart from McAfee and a picture manager (for family photo's) etc nothing else had to be installed.. so fresh install for McAfee.


            I posted on another article from June where someone explained same problem (and gave me the crucial pointer), i know it may not have helped here as getting on internet was one of the issues but if there are known issues why can't McAfee have a built in issues centre where as McAfee does its update it can push/notify this sort of information so people like me trying to resolve some obsure (at the time) issue can refer to, McAfee REALLY doesn't appreciate what stress and wasted time mis behaving software can have cause people.


            I've wasted enough time with this so i am not going to pursue refund (myself).. chances are probably better winning lotto anyway but thanks for link.



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              It's a shame because I'm pretty sure others have those running with no issues.   Anyway, good luck and hope they refund OK.

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                I never thought about it till I saw this but I had to go wireless on my desktop because my internet on this computer went down not long after installing McAfee.  I'm wondering if nothing is wrong at all and it is the program doing it.

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                  Well if it is, it's only doing it to a few people as we haven't experienced it.   I suggest contacting Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.