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    Mcafee Livesafe Update keeps failing.


      I've had a bit of trouble with mcafee recently. For one, I like to disconnect wireless communications on my laptop when I watch movies, and I turn off real-time scanning, which throws a bunch of crap on my screen, randomly, at any time, even while watching a movie, telling me to turn it back on. I looked at other topics covering this problem, and the mcafee "specialists" only say that you should not turn off realtime scanning, like it's their decision what I should do with my computer.


      Second, I always liked to update mcafee manually in the past, with the superdat and manual dat files. I download the latest superdat containing all the updated definitions, and when trying to install, I get a message stating that I have no quaifying products. Mcafee LiveSafe Internet Security came on my new laptop, and I believe it is not a good choice for many reasons.


      Now, I let mcafee update itself, and ever since the last update, it just keeps failing, then blue-screening, then trying to update again. I have had to restore my computer to a previous date more than once because of this worthless hindrance. Why can't you just get your stuff together and have a program that isn't so needy and bothersome?


      I run windows 8, and I would just like to know when you will have a decent way of updating your software -- somtimes your consumers want to update just the dat files and not the program itself, seeing as how screwed up recent updates have been.


      Now, my pc is unprotected since it cannot update properly.


      If you cannot resolve this issue, I will make it my business via new web pages, (I do them for a living,) social networking, and any other way to let others know how unfriendly, unprogressive, and how un-user friendly this product is.


      Many thanks!



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          Peter M

          Moved to the LiveSafe Community for better support.


          However, as far as I know LiveSafe doesn't update in the same way as the normal antivirus/firewall software, but I will defer to anyone from this section to clarify that.


          In fact the latest consumer versions of any of the software can't be updated by downloading DAT's any more.  DAT's and SuperDAT's are purely for the Enterprise sector.


          Why don't you try contacting Technical Support?    It's free after all and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          There is also a large FAQ section at your disposal there.




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            I tried the support and no matter what kind of support I choose, I am required to download software that stays on my computer. No ******* thanks.. I've had my pc pried into enough without another company trying to slide a bunch of crap past it's innocent "helpful" downloads just to check on what I do so they can "tailor their products" to my "needs" and keep a "helpful" eye on me.


            I shall just do the aforementioned and uninstall mcafee, never download, buy, or use it again, and try to inform as many people as I can that mcafee is probably the worst company to purchase a product from.


            Thanks for your help,



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              Peter M

              For goodness sake, it's only an ActiveX-type of extension to allow the GoToAssist support portal to work.  You can uninstall it afterwards from Control Panel > Programs, and they certainly do not pry at all, I can personally vouch for that.    McAfee is a mutli-million dollar company with a very high reputation and I promise you they are scrutinized thoroughly by regulators.


              It's your choice.


              I doubt anyone else will be around here until at least Monday and none of us Moderators use LiveSafe.


              Neither is there a user manual to consult.


              Good luck with any other brand's support, they all use the same type of system.

















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