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    Feeling empty inside

      Hi Everybody....


      Well...I don't even know where to start...BUT....

      I bought a McAfee product recently...approximately

      1-2 weeks ago and just got around to wanting to

      install it today.  Okay.. I procrastinate abit. So I sat

      down to my computer...unwrapped the cellophane

      around the cassette...removed the sticker to open it

      and VOILA!!!...EMPTY!!!...NOTHING INSIDE!!!...NO DISK!!!

      ...NOTHING!!!   What the "&@#% happened to

      QUALITY CONTROL!!!  How the %$@%$#% does

      something like this happen???  After complaining

      to the poor soul where I bought it...and then calling the

      customer service line for McAfee...(both assured me that

      'this kind of thing NEVER happens')

      Really??? Well it just did!!!

      Thanks McAfee...FOR NOTHING!! ....litetally ;(

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          Hello, where did you buy this from?   On the package is there a key that perhaps you activate online?


          You could call Customer Service for advice, the link is under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          It's open 24/7 at  866-622-3911 toll-free.