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    Question about scanning


      Every time I do a quick scan with my Mcafee it stops at something called "rootkit" when it gets to 98% done and then freezes. What is "Rootkit" and why does my scanner stop when it gets to it?

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          If I am not terribly mistaken, this has been a topic of discussion recently. From my understanding, the (2013) Version has a differently methodology in how it updates-(Engine Versions) opposed to Dats. In addition, It has always scanned for "Rootkits"" (2012 Version and above).


          Having said this..Should you choose to run an "On-Demand Scan", you will indeed intermittently see "Rootkit" displayed with the (2013) Version. I think the "Powers to be" added this to re-assure consumers that McAfee was indeed scanning for "Rootkits" 


          Also, there was a question in regards to as "Why" the (Automatic scanning of Rootkits was greyed-out"?  This was to ensure that the default setting by Mcafee , was indeed to "Scan for "Rootkits" Having said all of this...Normally I simply let McAfee do it,s thing, and Auto Scan once weekly.


          I also noticed upon running an "On Demand Scan" (Full Scan)...that at the very end of it, it paused for a few moments...while displaying "Rootkit"  then proceeded to complete the scan as expected.In other words, I think by simply being able to see the "Rootkit" displayed while scanning, got you concerned.


          After my first experience seeing it as well, I ran Stinger, Getsusp, Rootkit-Remover, Malwarebytes, Mrt, Windows Defender....and just like always whenever there was doubt....The scans found "Nothing...Notta" So please be self assured that all is functioning properly....Especially if your scan revealed.."No threats detected"


          I hope this in some small way...helped.  I Probably could have used alot less words, but unfortunately I tend to "Ramble on"  Maybe some of the " Moderators" could expand on this...for they are much more knowledgeable than I. I speak only from a consumer,s point of view.



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            Catdaddy said it all or nearly. We mods have requested Mcafee rename the message to Scanning for rootkits as some users were worried Mcafee actually found 1.


            Re 98% did it ever complete?


            Thanks Catdaddy for your help

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              You are perfectly welcome PeaceKeeper. I think that is a Great Idea in regards to displaying "Scanning for Rootkits"

              Also, After reading my reply...as  I said I can be a bit "Long-winded"  I simply could have said..."From my personal experience"...There is no reason for concern when seeing such during a scan.


              P.S.-  I might add, that the issue of my previously "Creating a New Thread for the same topic". Was due to my incompetence. I now "Log-in" while reading the Question...and Yup !  There it is...Larger than Life....(A Reply Button)..Duh !!!!!


              Live and learn, I say. Needless to say...I have always been "Brutally Honest"  Sometimes...Too much so. I may be (MIA) for the next week or so...due to a scheduled "Endarterectomy"...Stenosis in my Carotid Artery.


              Until next time...Be thankful for each day...and GodSpeed....


              CatDaddy                            (Sorry for getting "Off Topic")

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                Thanks for the answers. I found them very helpful and informative but unfortunatly it never really answered my question.


                Why does my scanner stop at the "rootkit" (at this point it was 98% done) and never finishes? It was stuck like that for 20 minutes which made me have to just turn off my computer.

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                  You would be best advised asking Technical Support about that as they can take a look at the logs and check exactly where it stuck and hopefully why.


                  They are free to call or use online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                    I did a full scan and it finished. I noticed that during the fullscan "rootkit" appeared numerous times throughout the scan as it scanned my files. For some reason when i do the quickscan , it stops at 98% when it reaches "rootkit".


                    So I did it again and I let it go for alittle longer and it finally completed. i don't know if it was checking "rootkit" on every file during the quickscan which might have caused the lag but it seemed to finish even though it took a little over 20 minutes.


                    Thanks for the help and the info in regards to "rootkit". I never even knew what it was until I scanned my system with the Mcafee.

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                      It's looking for Rootkits when you see that, but obviously it's taking it's time, for what reason I'm not sure.


                      If you want a scanner that only looks for rootkits try RootkitRemover, see the last link in my signature below.

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                        kevin bond

                        if your scan freezes... cancel scan, check your windows updates are up to date, then right click your mcaffee icon on your toolbar and check that for updates too

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                          kevin bond wrote:


                          if your scan freezes... cancel scan, check your windows updates are up to date, then right click your mcaffee icon on your toolbar and check that for updates too

                          This is an old thread.  Since it was posted Technical Support produced a FAQ for the freezing issue HERE.

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