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    Will McAfee Anti Theft decrypt my files after system reinstall


      Hello Everyone,


      On a computerwith Windows 8 Pro 64bit , I have installed few months ago antitheft service byMcAfee (1 year full subscription). Yesterday,computer no longer boot properly (even after plenty re- starts), denying meaccess to certain files (now I now that files was encrypted by McAfee Anti theft).I was unable to start or uninstall McAfee Antitheft - service was not running andno responding to starting .exe files from McAfee AntiTheft directory. Systemwas running without any McAfee processes.  I made a system restore (back to systemrestore point with recovery feature of Windows 8), which reported that theMcAfee software will be uninstalled . Afterrebooting, the system stops run just after Windows logo, do not hang up , butit remains a black screen with a rare working disk drive ( HDD LED is reportedto work , after few minutes less than 1 blink per 20 seconds ) . RecoveryConsole (normally runs through F11 with bios screen) does not start well - Isee a black screen + mouse pointer- so video drivers work. Itried all tools to repair actually installed Windows 8 from the original Win8DVD with report that the system repair is not "supported" by yoursystem.QUESTION :IfI reinstall Windows 8 (drive C) and install again the McAfee antitheft service usingmy profile (Web console), will it recognize and decrypt my files located ondrive D ? Some files are very important to me, unfortunatelly I donot have full backup of them.

      I have read thisdocument http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101484.I think this is just as scenario 1, but I  am not sure. Please make me sure that I will have my files back.