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    Folder exclusion is not working!


      I am currently using McAfee MOVE Agentless 2.6.0 on VMware 5.1. The blocking of malware is working fine in the virtual machines themselves. What is driving me nuts is getting a single folder exclusion to work.


      I have created a custom Scan policy in Orchestrator to include that folder location as an exclusion. I have manually broken inheritence to apply just that custom policy to the SVA. I have made sure that the VM I am testing with is located on that ESXi host hosting that SVA. However, my Eicar test file keeps getting deleted in that folder location which I have explicitly told it to exclude! As usual, if I disable the vShield Drive within VMtools, the Eicar dummy file doesn't get deleted.


      I need help! Right now, I have no choice but to leave the AV disabled because users are not allowed to generate a report due to McAfee MOVE thinking it is a malware.