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    Using Current and Evaluation branches




      I would greatly appreciate if somebody could point me to the right part of the EPO Guide or better summarize required steps to use Evaluation branch to test new patches/fixes/updates prior to moving them into the Current branch?


      We're using ePO 4.6.3 to manage multiple PCs/servers running VirusScan Enterprise and MOVE AV clients.


      I would like to create a separate group for test machines and push latest patches/fixes/updates to be tested on this machines first.


      As far as I understood I have to duplicate all available policies and assign them to the group of test machines?


      Many thanks.

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          I will pharaphase about my understanding on your query.

          >> You have epo 4.6.3 and planning to test the patches /hotfixes for the point products before adding to production, as an example.

          VSE 8.8.p1 in production and you want to check in the patch 2 package and test for test group, If yes.



          From the My organization= create a test group and add the machines  you need to test and make sure, those machines are reporting to the same group ONLY.

          In my example: taking vse 8.8 p2 package check in to EPO.


          Duplicate the McAfeeAgent policy and assign the new policy for the test group, and edit the GENERALpolicy  ==Click on "Updates" tab

          Under the "Patches and service packs: " For "VirusScanEnterprise 8.8.0"  change the branch to Evaluation.


          >> Then, check in the VSE 8.8 patch 2 package to master repository under evaluation branch and create the product update task for this group and select the Virusscan enterprise 8.7.0 option under the "Patches and service packs: "

          >> Then send the wake up call to check for one or two machines is downloading the patch 2 for VSE and make sure, the product update to enforce the patch based on the scheduled type, if it is "Run Immediately", It will update once and never, and scheduled daily with time, it will run as scheduled.


          >> Attached the screenshot for the branch change option from the agent policy.


          Follow the steps and reply back to this post, to know issue resolved or need further assistance.





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            Thank you very much!  That was exactly I was looking for.


            One last question: I did manage to get McAfee Agent updated by following your instructions, however it doesn't seem to work for VSE 8.8.


            According to the Software Manager, the checked in version for Evaluation branch is but I still see on the test machines.  Or is going to be installed for the new installations only?



            Thank you.

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              Good to see the steps suggested is worked for you.


              For your last question,

              the VSE is the 8.8. p3 reposted package, this package, I can call as magica package, since because this package will install the required patch version based on the OS platform, for complete information see below.


     is the 8.8p3, patch 3 can be installed only on Windows 2012 and Windows 8 machines.

              >> If you deploy this package to platforms like windows 2k8, 2k3 and 2k12.

              The package for 2k12 will install with p3 and other platform will get installed patch2 (


              This is the reason, why you are seeing as the maximum patch version available for the paltforms other than windows 8 and widnows 2012.


              I hope this answered your last query.




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                Thank you very much one more time!