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    HIPS Registry Key Question


      A client I'm working for has had issues with HIPS NDIS drivers after an upgrade to HIPS 8.0 from 7.0.  The systems weren't receiving IP addresses and no network traffic was being passed.  Unchecking "NDIS Intermediate Filter" in Network Properties fixes the issue.  No other fixes were working for me, so I went through the 7.0 manual uninstall instructions step by step until the NDIS intermediate filter was no longer a check-box option under Network Properties which I believe fixed the problem.  Because so many systems are affected, we're hoping to run a script to delete the two registry keys that seem to be causing an issue.


      My question is if the following registry keys are used at all by HIPS 8.0.  What would be even better is a description of what they do in HIPS 7.0.


      Basically, I could use as much information about these as possible to ease the minds of the customer about running the script.  Thank you.