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    SB10055 and unmanaged installs of MA 4.6 and 4.6


      McAfee Security Bulletin – McAfee Managed Agent update fixes the "Denial of Service" vulnerability against the FrameworkService.exe released yesterday includes these instructions :


      1. How do I know if my McAfee Agent is vulnerable or not?
        Use the following instructions to determine the version of MA you are currently using:

        1. Right-click the McAfee tray shield icon on the Windows task bar.
        2. Click Open Console.
        3. In the console, click Action Menu.
        4. In the Action Menu, click Product Details.
          The product version is displayed.


      However I am unable to locate the Action Menu on any of my stand alone (non EPO managed) systems.  I also ran netstat -an and verified that TCP port 8081 is not in use, so I assume my unmanged systems are not at risk?