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    Is there a way to automatically delete Rule Tracing Logs?


      I'm looking to roll out MWG 7.3.2 and with it comes the Rule Tracing Central.  It is a great feature!  It is VERY helpful for troubleshooting, so thanks for adding it!  One thing I've found with it, however, is that it creates a lot of Rule Tracing logs.  From within Rule Tracing Central, however, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to delete the Rule Tracing logs created.  If you select 'Clear logs' or 'Remove Selected' or 'Remove Visible traces' it removes them from the view within RTC, but does not actually remove the logs.  If you click on Troubleshooting --> Rule Tracing Files, all the logs are still there.


      So, is there a way to automate removing those logs?  I'm thinking a scheduled removal (every day at midnight, or something to that effect).  I looked under Configuration --> Log File Manager and under Policy --> Settings --> File System Logging and nothing jumped out at me.  Am I missing something, or is there another way to easily do this?


      on 10/2/13 9:54:00 AM CDT