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      HEllo everyone,

      I have recently updated Virus Scan 8.7 to 8.8 patch3.

      On three servers which are windows server 2008R2,  mcsheild is eating 50 to 90 percent of CPU uitlization.

      Its an Maximo(IBM) application which takes more than 40 minutes to open its admin console which is web based. if i stop antivirus it takes just 2 minutes to open its admin console.

      Please guide what can i do from the epo for the better performance of those servers.

      On on access general polices i remember  i set it low and on deman scan i set cpu to very low but still as usual.

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          You include facts about the On Demand Scan. I should first ask "Is it running?" It should correctly bow to other running processes so I don't think this is the problem. The rest of this message assumes it isn't running and this isn't the problem.


          The other item you might check is Script Scan. By default this is turned off on servers but if you had set this with an older policy it might be preserved. Turn it off for servers. That seems the most likely culprit.


          The next thing you should do is to set the policies to "McAfee Default" for everything on the server. Use that as a starting point for diagnosing issues. Then download the McAfee Profiler from the knowledge center (kc.mcafee.com) and collect its output. It will shed light on the biggest cultprits using processing power. You can post some results here and some folks can offer suggestions on processes.

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            Moving to vse group as it's a closer match.