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    epo 4.6 scripted upgrade


      I'm trying to create a script that will automatically upgrade epo 4.5 to 4.6. Couple of questions....


      1) I'm having issues starting the installer manually. It errors out reading db.properties. When i look in the log it says "Logon failed with error code [1385]" lists my username that i'm logged in with. When i open the db.properties file it lists another user account (with limited rights, but sql access). I granted that account, we will call it account B, dbcreator, public, and system access, but it still errors out. The funny thing is that in the log it shows the currently logged in user, account A. If i change the file via the config-auth page and update the password with the currently logged in user it works fine. Is it possible ot update db.properties manually with the password and call some exe to encrypt the password?


      2) I'm assuming it's possible to run the installer via a command line, did a quick search but wasnt able to find documents on it. Are there any published?





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          Why bother? You can't have that many ePO servers (and if you do then you have too many) that manually upgrading them would be problematic. In 8 years no one has ever shown a business need to script it. I suppose you would be better served with the EASI tool as a starting point. But again, why bother? Just run the installer and upgrade your server.

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            Silent installation/upgrade would not be supported i'm afraid.

            You would need to be able to pass over all the properties entered into the various dialogs in advance, and that is the problem you are essentially hitting.

            DB access rights would just be the beginning.


            There are no external docs published i'm aware of that describe how this can be done. The ePO installer really is quite a complicated thing.


            My advice is much the same as Peter's, don't pursue this unless you have a really, really good need.

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              Really a scripted install is not supported? That seems odd to me. As for a business reason, what if you supported multiple customers who are not connected and had to install/upgrade all of them? Writing procedures/manually doing it is not the best way to accomplish that task.


              As for the DB error, incase anyone else runs into it, the issue was because the DB user was defined in "Deny log on locally"


              If i had more time i would pursue this. Thanks for your help

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                Yes, really not supported.


                Please feel free to log a PER (Product Enancement Request) through the McAfee website if you want to suggest this to the McAfee Product Management team.

                Steps on how to submit a PER are covered in support article: KB60021 - How to submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER)


                but basically you register and use this link: